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    "Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible;

    and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - Francis de Assisi

    Sonvela Arte is a project created by the Sonvela foundation in november 2014 in Ilha de Madeira, Mindelo. This projects mission is to change the lives of people living in infamous neighborhoods in the city of Mindelo, Cape Verde. By transforming the neighborhood with painting and graffiti together with the residents Sonvela Arte builds their self-esteem and creates opportunities on the jobmarket and in tourism. Sonvela Arte believes in the power of art and culture, and that it can bring social change.


    Ronald, Fantchoka, Vadjix, Miguel,

    Ton, Mikinha and Freddy.

  • Salgamorto Street / Rua d'Salgamorto



  • Israel Street / Rua d'Israel



  • Murals

    Blue Shark

    Amilcar Cabral


    PAZ (Peace)

  • Press / Events

    Video shoot Khaly Angel 

    Video de cantor Khaly Angel no local de projeto

    The video has been viewed almost 250,000 times on YouTube.

    Retratos da Mudança

    Entrevista de Freddy Gomes com Susana Duarte

    Blogger Susana Duarte writes about Activism. She wrote about Sonvela Arte and the change the project aims to achieve.

    (click the image to read - Portugese)

    Video shoot Jenifer Soledad

    Video de cantora Jenifer Soledad no local de projeto

    Jenifer Soledad, one of Cape Verde's most talented singers did a video shoot in the neighborhood after seeing our project on social media. The video has been seen 156,000 times on YouTube.

    Presentation M_EIA University

    Apresentação do Sonvela Arte no Semana do Urbanismo

    Sonvela Arte got the chance to present its work to the audience of the 'Week of Urbanism 2015', hosted by the M_EIA University in Mindelo.

    Presentation Santo Antão

    Apresentação do Sonvela Arte na ilha do Santo Antão

    I gave a presentation about Sonvela Arte for an organization that was in preparation of a painting project in the city of Ribeira Grande on the island of Santo Antão.

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