• I started The Sonvela Foundation in 2011 after spending two months in one of Brazil's largest favelas: Rocinha in the city of Rio de Janeiro. I spent part of my time as a volunteer for social projects in two different favelas and was very inspired by the work done by the founders of both projects. After returing home I decided to start my own NGO, with the mission to support small local social projects in Brazil and Cape Verde.


    Sonvela Foundation focuses on projects without funding. Projects that make a difference in their community, but have trouble to continue their work because of a lack of funds. Sonvela Foundation supports these projects by offering financial support, materials, knowledge and experience.

  • Projects

    Elem Silva (Salvador, Brazil)

    Elem Silva is a young and very talented lady who was born in a small favela in Salvador, Brazil. Born with a great talent for music, she wanted to use music to change lives of people in her community. She started her own percussion band at the age of 8! Elem still uses the power of music to change lives, but she also focuses on education, giving kids homework classes to help them get better grades in school. 

    Explicaçao de Ari (Sao Vicente, Cape Verde)

    Ari has an after school program in the neighborhood of Ribeira Bote in Mindelo, one of the most difficult neighborhoods on the Island. Kids in Cabo Verde only go to school half a day, so especially in neighborhoods like Ribeira Bote having kids spending too much time in the streets is not safe. Ari's project focuses on helping the kids with their schoolwork, giving them the chance for a better future. 


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    Zona Libertada (Sao Vicente, Cape Verde)

    Zona Libertada is a football school in the neighborhood of Ribeira Bote, one of the most difficult neighborhoods of Sao Vicente. Zona Libertada focuses on getting the kids off the streets and teaching them important values such as discipline, respect and teamwork. The trainers also make sure the players do their best in school, because getting bad grades means they don't get to practice. 

    Arte de Sandy (Sao Vicente, Cape Verde)

    Sandy is a young artist from the neighborhood of Monte Sossego. He focuses mainly on making frames out of natural materials. With his project he wants to teach kids how to use and develope their creativity, and inspire them that they can be whatever they want in life, no matter where you are from. 

    Juvenile (Sao Vicente, Cape Verde)

    This daycare project was started by Dr. Leidinha almost 20 years ago because she wanted to support (single) mothers with low income and their children. The daycare provides the kids with tree meals a day, and all the love and attention they need. This offers the mothers the chance to be active on the jobmarket. 

  • Sonvela Arte

    Sonvela Arte is a project started by the foundation in november 2014 in Ilha de Madeira, Mindelo. This projects mission is to change the lives of people living in infamous neighborhoods in the city of Mindelo, Cape Verde. By transforming the neighborhood with painting and graffiti together with the residents Sonvela Arte builds their self-esteem and creates opportunities on the jobmarket and in tourism. Sonvela Arte believes in the power of art and culture, and that it can bring social change. 



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    Amilcar Cabral by Vadjix

    Artist Vadjix did this Amilcar Cabral for the Sonvela Arte project in Ilha de Madeira: Queremos liberdade e paz, We want freedom and peace. 

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    Sonvela Arte project in Rua de Salgamorto, Ilha de Madeira, Mindelo. 

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    Tubarao Azul, by artist Creyz together with Mikinha and Miguel. 

    This artwork is all about showing our support to the Cape Verdean national football team. It also has a political message: Um Cabo Verde unid jamais sera vencid, A united Cape Verde can never be defeated. 

    Sonvela Arte 2016 

    In 2016 sonvela arte returned to the neighborhood where it all began. after a small project in a different part of mindelo the project continued in Ribeira Bote/ilha d'madeira, where the work of sonvela arte has had a huge impact.

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    Sonvela Foundation is a very small NGO organization that depends on your financial contribution to continue supporting our projects. 

    Please use the donate botton to make your donation through PayPal. 

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