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Pack for A Purpose

Making a difference
· Sonvela

Sustainable tourism in Cape Verde

Pack for a purpose is an amazing initiative by Rebecca Rothney, designed for those who believe in sustainable tourism. Rebecca wanted to encourage and help people who travel to developing country's, to make a difference simply by packing school supplies for local social projects.
I joined Pack for A Purpose after seeing the impact it makes for Favela Adventures (Rio de Janeiro) and the projects they support. I turned out to be the first and (still) only member here in Cabo Verde. For a short moment I was proud of this fact. My small 'company' was able to stand out in a positive way, in an aspect that is truly important to me.
But then I started thinking... Cabo Verde receives around half a million tourists a year, especially in resorts and hotels in Sal and Boavista. Islands where, despite of all these touristic activities large groups of people are part of low income families. What if all these tourists would bring just two pounds of schoolsupplies each? Can you imagine the impact that would make?
Since I joined the initiative I have received 141.2 lbs (!!) of school supplies. Supplies that allow me to support a few different projects through my foundation, Sonvela. Supplies that definitly make a big impact in the lives of many children.
For 2017 one of my goals is to encourage far more company's and organizations in Cabo Verde to join Pack for A Purpose. Tourism in our country needs to change...
If you are coming to Cabo Verde please check out Mindelo Apartments and Sonvela.
Or tell your resort/hotel about Pack for A Purpose!