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Interview Overview

Sonvela Social Impact Investing

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When I started working on the Social Impact Investing project back in March/April, I decided that interviewing young talented Cape Verdean entrepreneurs and founders would be a good way to get to know the market and ecosystem.

I was already following some interesting social media accounts around tech & startups, and this made things easier for me. I was up to date on what was happening and what companies and projects existed. It was through these social media accounts that I started to reach out to entrepreneurs about the series of interview I was planning.

It was a very good decision to start the project this way. It has allowed me the opportunity to get to know this group of young people better, and to understand the challenged they face. One of the things I enjoy is hearing how the ideas and products come to life and what the full strory is behind them.

The interviews have convinced me even more that these entrepreneurs have the capacity to help solve the biggest problems we face in the country. And that is exactly what I want to be working on with Sonvela: Help solve Cape Verde's biggest problems. (link update)

Deal Flow

The term 'Deal Flow' can be described as a term used for the amount of deals that, in one way or another, is presented to a investor. The investor in this case could be a (new) Angel investor interested in funding a techcompany.

This Angel investor's deal flow are the companies who he/she might eventually be interested in funding, given the opportunity. It makes sense that an Angel will not be able to invest in a revolutionairy solution within a promising sector if he/she is not presented that opportunity in an early stage of the company. Uber and Airbnb are fantastic examples, both companies got their first funding from Angel investors.

Wether an Angel says yes or no to a startup, deal flow is crucial if you want to become a successful investor.This usually happens through the network of an Angel, both online and off-line. The interview I've done so far have helped me create deal flow very few people currently have in Cape Verde.

The quality of your deal flow will determine your success as an Angel. I'm currently working on a second series of interviews, hopefully with entrepreneurs of different islands. Here's an overview of the interviews I've published so far:

1 - Nha Bex: Giving people back their time

Praia based startup, that started on the campus of Uni-CV. The group created an app for campus use, designed to solve some inefficiency issues. Today that startup has various partners such as hospitals, banks and Electra.

2 - Prime Botics: The future of Agriculture in Cape Verde

Startup founded by drone developer Erico Pinheiro. Erico started to design drones as a way to address agricultural issues within his own family.

3 - Zandir Santos: "We will be left with nothing"

Not a tech/startup interview, but one with a very passionate activist. Zandir has the capacity to perfectly explain what is wrong with the current approach when it comes to Cape Verdean commerce, and the sad future that awaits the youth in the country as a result.

4 - Gestagrosystem owner Hilaria Jesus: "I never give up!"

Hilaria Jesus is a super talented programmer who started to design irrigation systems that work on the cloud as a way to solve an issue on her family's property. Her systems are focused on efficient agriculture.

5 - Jaqueline Lima: "Money should serve a purpose"

Jaqueline Lima returned from her studies in Brazil, and ended up in the middle of the Cape Verdean Covid-19 crisis. With time on her hands she decided to mix her knowledge with what she loves to do. She started to share financial tips across social media, in an effort to educate people on finance issues.

6 - Health Care 2.0: The revolution that the Cape Verdean health sector needs

Probably the best example of how tech can help solve very critical problems in Cape Verde. The health sector needs a wake up call. 3 talented developers from Mindelo are working on bringing much needed change to health, which will greatly benifit so many Cape Verdeans.

7 - Zenito Silva: Exploring opportunities on São Nicolau

Zenito Silva is young, talented and ambitious. Where many in his situation would look for a way to leave São Nicolau due to a lack of opportunity, he's working to create them. His focus is mainly green energy, a sector which has a lot of potential in Cape Verde.

8 - Guitta Ortet: Leading the way for women in tech

Guitta Ortet wants to lead the way for Cape Verdean women in tech. She believes technology can solve inequality issues we face in our country. She's currently working on PassID, but has a lot more plans for the future.

9 - Alvinio Gomes: The winner of the Startup Weekend 2019

Green energy specialist Alvinio from Calheta São Miguel was the big winner of the (national) Startup Weekend 2019. His company Alvis Fotovoltaico does installation, maintenance and consulting.

10 - Miriam Medina: Saving girls from a life of violence

Just like Zandir Santos, Miriam Medina can best be described as an Activist. But, as a woman with many talents, she's also working on a tech initiative called the 'Banco do Tempo'. We also spoke about her book, Se é amor não causa dôr, which addresses violence in relationships.