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Inside my head

By Felicia Giordano

· Sonvela

Most of you may know him as the guy that, once in a while, appears in my selfies, most of the time with a grumpy face, 'cause he doesn't like selfies and I kind of force him to be with me in the picture. But there's a lot more behind that 'grumpy-selfie-face'.

I can tell you about how he will rub his chin when his beard is too long or the way he puts chopsticks on his lips or how he pretends to hate my selfies (but secretly kind of likes it).
All cute little details. Well..cute to me.

But even more interesting is what's on the inside. I guess, if you could see inside his head, you would see the world. And it's a beautiful one where the sun is always shining with lots of colors, children playing and laughing, without fear and with equal chances for all to become whomever they want and deserve to be. Even if most of the time the world isn't that beautiful, in his mind it is, or at least he strives to make it a better place.

That's exactly what you will see looking into his eyes, listening to the stories he has to tell, or the dreams he's trying to realize. He's the kind of person who's trying to change the world, begining with himself. He believes that one 'simple' person can make a difference.

That's why he decided to start his own foundation, Stichting Sonvela / Fundação Sonvela; to achieve a change and make a difference.

With Sonvela, he was able to do many great projects in Cape Verde; projects I was lucky enough to see with my own eyes. I can confirm he's made a difference.

But there are still a lot of changes left to do in this world and Freddy wouldn't be Freddy if he ignored this. So he packed his bags again and left for Brazil. With Sonvela, he wants to support the Favela Art project in Rio de Janeiro, to make a difference, to realize that world he has in his head, the one with colors and children laughing and playing.

He literally wants to be the change he wishes to see in the world and you know what... I believe he can do it. I've never met a person with such a profound passion, determination and willingness to succeed. I also believe we should support an initiative like this to its fullest. By supporting Sonvela, we can all help make a little change in this world as well.

I can imagine you're curious to know more about the Sonvela projects. Read more about the projects on the Facebook page (Stichting Sonvela / Fundação Sonvela) or at and be inspired. Support Freddy on this journey by liking the Facebook page and be a part of this adventure. Maybe you will get inspired too!

You can also support by making a donation. It doesn't matter if it is 0,50 cents, 1 euro or 10 euros, because every penny counts and will make a difference.

You can donate through the following bank account:

NL36ABNA0836776135 (Name: F. Gomes)

I just wanted to share this story to show you that there's more behind that 'grumpy-selfie-face'. And because I'm enormously proud to have such a great man in my life that deserves all the support and love I can give.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new"